Following our work with Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust we were recommended to NHS Hammersmith & Fulham Care Commissioning Group to create their brand. The project involved extensive research and focus groups across all stakeholders - staff, GPs and patients.

“We really enjoyed working with Blank on the development of our brand. We particularly liked the way they researched our Borough, gave us a range of initial options to discuss, and supported our discussions with different stakeholder groups to ensure that the final brand was supported”
- Rachel Stanfield, Head of Organisational Development & Governance, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham CCG

The chosen logo was inspired by the 'significant' proportion of green spaces in the borough. We also discovered H&F had the highest number of 'underground' stations sitting above ground - leading us to create a 'natural' and 'organic' brand that echoed nature as well as represented the 16 wards in the borough, with the 16 segments of the petal shapes.